Snack Nuts - Origins to Packet

Snack Nuts - Origins to Packet

  • Included visit to nuts processing facility
  • Included practical workshop on flavour development
  • This three day educational course exclusively covered the production of SNACK NUTS from origins to packet. If your role in any way involves the production and marketing of snack nuts the content of this course is invaluable for you.

    Comprehensive educational agenda

    Our packed agenda extended to 3 full days, presented by expert speakers from industry and commerce and included:

    Snack Nut Origins & Sourcing

    • Peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, brazils, pecans, hazelnuts, macadamias
    • Main growing regions and key varieties, quality, food safety and cost attributes
    • Compare & contrast supplies from different sources & their key quality & organoleptic properties
    • Environmental and sustainability issues - how they are being addressed

    Sorting, Shelling, Blanching & Storage

    • How sorting, foreign body removal, and grading are carried out prior to further processing
    • Efficiently & effectively removing nuts from their shells
    • Blanching – the benefits/risks of removing skins from nuts

    Market Intelligence

    • The market for processed nuts across Europe and the developing trends, drivers and opportunities

    Export / Shipping

    • Shipping by container – fumigation/ loading and associated procedures including labelling, lot traceability, and associated testing/certification

    Importation: Controls – Certification – Regulations

    • The legal requirements and practical difficulties experienced by shippers/importers
    • The affect on nut products of the implementation of the non-POAO legislation

    Quality Assurance

    • Current legislative requirements for nuts
    • Latest developments on contaminants such as mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., including sampling and testing best practice

    Nutrition / Claims

    • Update on developments - claims legislation and authorised generic/specific nutrition and health claims for nuts
    • How the recognised health and nutrient benefits of nuts can be used to help promote your product

    Oils - Selection, Management, Performance, Filtration

    • The main types of vegetable oils on the market, their origins and availability
    • Best practice with respect to oil storage, frying, filtration, and fryer cleaning

    Visit to nuts processing facility

    • First hand experience of how almonds are processed after they arrive from local Spanish growers to when they are packed ready for distribution

    Inspection, Contaminant Detection & Removal

    • The latest techniques available for preventing ‘foreign body’ contamination, and associated food safety requirements
    • Identification and removal of aflatoxin affected nuts


    • Key factors affecting systems choice and performance
    • How roasting can affect product quality, stability, and downline performance


    • The different types of fryer systems available and how to decide which best fits your needs
    • The effect of fryer throughput, oil turnover rates, and process conditions on product quality and costs


    • Flavour development and custom designing the perfect taste
    • Flavour flow and adhesion
    • Flavour application techniques and the options available for line or head flavouring
    • Coating systems - how they are developed and applied and the effect they offer to finished products
    • Flavour design practical workshop


  • Material choice for a range of snack nut packaging applications
  • Multi-head weighing - speed, accuracy, performance and value – and compliance with current legislation
  • Bag forming and key considerations in cost-effectively achieving product protection and pack presentation
  • The latest techniques available for preventing ‘foreign body’ contamination, and associated food safety requirements
  • The course combines classroom presentations with interactive sessions /workshop and a site visit


    The course is designed for:

    Snack nut manufacturing personnel wishing to better understand their production processes
    • Operations
    • Engineers
    • Quality assurance
    • Research & development
    Suppliers researching the needs and production methods of their customers
    Business development managers
    In addition, the course content is appropriate for business development managers, sales and marketing specialists, equipment manufacturers, product designers who are interested in understanding the wide range of possibilities for turning creative ideas into real products.

    The course material will serve as a useful reference for processors, product developers and technicians as well as business managers familiar with savoury snack processing.

    This intensive and interactive course offers an excellent opportunity for everybody involved in savoury snack nut manufacture to meet experts in the field, to discuss current problems, and to find creative solutions which will enhance their plant operations.

    Combining cutting edge knowledge and insight with an element of fun is the primary aim of ESA’s production courses, together with the opportunity to make new contacts and friendships through networking.

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