Chips & Snacks - Formed Products to End-of-Line

Chips & Snacks - Formed Products to End-of-Line

During this three day residential education course participants heard from industry experts and had the opportunity to discuss and exchange views on issues and best practices with fellow industry professionals.

The course has proven extremely popular in the past and is highly rated by the international attendees. The course content has now been updated and enhanced to give attendees the very best possible experience.

Flavour Development Workshop

Under the experienced supervision of our acknowledged industry experts, delegates will learn how snack flavours are 'built’, helping you to understand the process and the complex variables involved. Delegates will be given the opportunity to select a target consumer audience and a topical flavour that would appeal to them.

Then using the knowledge gleaned from our experts, be challenged to develop a custom flavour which you think would meet their expectations taking into account the combination of aroma, taste and mouthfeel required. You will be able to select from a range of ingredients and components provided to make your flavour of choice and then have your flavour applied onto product. The flavoured products will then be judged by our expert panel.

A great fun practical workshop with a real end benefit that you can take back to your business.

Attendees learnt in detail about industry best practice production techniques and the latest practical applications of new technology for the production of potato chips, extruded, pelleted, sheeted and baked snacks, including raw material selection and food safety aspects.

The agenda aims to provide an understanding of:

Handling / sorting

  • Controlling product feed from the fryer / oven to the flavouring and packaging stages and the potential benefits to be made in operational efficiency and product quality.
  • Optical sorting and how it can be used effectively to remove product defects and enhance product safety


  • Flavour development and custom designing the perfect taste
  • Flavour flow and adhesion
  • Flavour application techniques and the options available for line or head flavouring
  • How to achieve consistent levels of application whilst minimising flavour losses
  • Flavour design practical workshop

Weighing / Bagging

  • Multi-head weighing - speed, accuracy, performance and value – and compliance with current legislation
  • Online and offline quality monitoring – controlling product quality from cooker to packet
  • Bag forming and key considerations in cost-effectively achieving product protection and pack presentation
  • Gas flushing - nitrogen or argon / bottles or onsite production
  • The latest techniques available for preventing ‘foreign body’ contamination, and associated food safety requirements


  • Understanding how packaging can add value to your brands
  • Flexible films, drums and other forms of packaging in use today for a range of savoury snack applications
  • Making the right packaging material choice to ensure your product has the protection it needs, whilst affording consumers the aesthetic pack feel and accessibility they demand
  • The wide range of printing techniques available that can make your product shout out from the shelf.

Coding / Automation

  • The case for cartons and trays – selecting the right board and design to achieve fit-for-purpose transit stable outers.
  • Packet and carton coding – latest options for fast, efficient, and reliable coding meeting legal requirements and more
  • Packaging automation – state of the art solutions and a look ahead to what the future holds
  • Factors to consider when making the investment decision

If you are involved in the manufacture of savoury snack products this course will enhance your knowledge of the latest process techniques for chips and extruded snacks and will help you trouble-shoot and evaluate your existing processes and equipment to find hidden areas of opportunity.

The line-up of expert industry presenters offers an excellent opportunity for you to discuss current problems and to find creative solutions to bring back to your business and enhance your plant operations.

If you are a snack product developer or marketer the course will help you understand the wide range of possibilities for turning creative ideas into real products.

The full scheduled programme is presented in the course prospectus brochure.

Throughout the course delegates will have the opportunity to interact with experts with years of practical experience of working within the savoury snack industry. They will be empowered to trouble-shoot and evaluate their own processes and equipment, to find hidden areas of opportunity that could result in novel process solutions and new product ideas. They will be introduced to best practice solutions to improve product quality and consistency, revealing the potential of significant cost savings for their businesses.

The course combines classroom lectures from leading industry experts with practical demonstrations where appropriate.


The course is designed for:

Snack manufacturing personnel
  • Operations
  • Engineers
  • Quality control technicians
  • Research & development
Personnel wishing to better understand their production processes
  • Line production personnel and supervisors
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Production management
Suppliers researching the needs and production methods of their customers
Business development managers
In addition, the course content is appropriate for business development managers, sales and marketing specialists, equipment manufacturers, product designers who are interested in understanding the wide range of possibilities for turning creative ideas into real products.

The course material will serve as a useful reference for processors, product developers and technicians as well as business managers familiar with savoury snack processing.