The European Snacks Association (ESA) has produced three videos that can help manufacturers of potato crisps made from fresh sliced potato, as well as dough-based potato crisps, snacks, and crackers, when implementing Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2158.

The Regulation, which applies across the EU from 11 April 2018, establishes mitigation measures and benchmark levels to help food businesses reduce the presence of acrylamide in their products.

All three videos share the same introductory part, after which they take a deeper dive into one of the following topics:

Acrylamide mitigation for sliced potato crisps

Agronomy and storage (1 of 3)

This video covers selection of appropriate varieties of potatoes intended for sliced potato crisps.

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Acrylamide mitigation for sliced potato crisps

Processing (2 of 3)

This video covers process design for sliced potato crisps. It also covers aspects such as colour sorting.

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Acrylamide mitigation for sliced potato crisps

Recipe and processing (3 of 3)

This video covers recipe and process design, including partial substitution of potato ingredients.

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Acrylamide Video Series (1/3)

Acrylamide Video Series (2/3)

Acrylamide Video Series (3/3)


ESA members have systematic and rigorous procedures in place to ensure all products on the market meet most recent certification schemes and, above all, the latest legal requirements. Our sector cooperates closely with the European Commission, national authorities and research groups to reduce any potential food safety risks.

Europe’s savoury snacks industry takes a pro-active approach to food safety, and invests significant resources to ensure that products are safe and meet the high quality standards expected. If necessary, our members take immediate action to mitigate any potential food safety threat in order to ensure that consumers can continue to trust the safety of their favourite snack food products.

ESA supports and advocates scientifically supported risk assessment methods as the basis for setting any legal or voluntary limits.