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Our international membership includes the companies which make many of the world's favourite savoury snack brands, as well as smaller, specialist companies and suppliers to the industry such as flavour houses, food processors and equipment providers, together with trade associations with relevant interests in the European savoury snacks industry.

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Latest data & trends in the European food and drink sector|ESA signs Circular Plastics Alliance declaration|Official controls regulations published|Savoury Snacks – Taste, Variety and Balance! FoodDrinkEurope has published its latest Data & trends report highlighting key figures and providing insights on the food and drink industry’s structure and economic performance in Europe.|On 20 September 2019, ESA president Rolf Nilges, signed the declaration aimed at ensuring that 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics find their way into new products by 2025.|In preparation for the application of Regulation 2017/625 on official controls (which repeals Regulation 882/2004 as of 14 December 2019), a number of implementing and delegated acts are being published by the European Commission.|A new brochure is now available for download. It includes key figures about the association and the sector in Europe as well as key messages on nutrition and health.
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